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Sep 1, 2011 11:00pm EDT
michigan parking lot while santa was doing some volunteer work. police are saying look out for people doing something naughty. >> i think he is entered in the grand prix. >> you think so in maybe. >> scared that fantasy. >> a little early. >> yeah, must be one of the helpers. >>> take a look at the forecast tomorrow, guys, just a slight chance for a passing shower. i don't think we'll see much rain. mix of sun and clouds, passing shower. weekend looks decent at the we've. better chances for rain come sunday. >> we'll be right back. >>> abc 2 news is brought to you by mattress discounters, the difference is in the discount. >> let's take a look. weather? >> everybody is talking about labor day weekend. man, what's it gonna do. the thing is as we get a little more unsettled but there will be a chance for hit and miss showers. so, you know, sunday looks like the most likely day for that, but just do what you're gonna do. enjoy, compared to last weekend, do your own thing. go to the city, help those businesses because they lost a big weekend. >> or go downtown. >> let's go downtown right now. l
Sep 25, 2011 11:00pm EDT
months, gas is under three dollars a gallon in places like michigan, missouri, and texas. but we're getting close. $3.23 in edgewood, $3.25 oka roll fuel back, and analysts predict we would be under $3.00 by november. you can get the latest prices by going to our website, look under gas prices. >> many of you just saw a new abc show, pan am. now the story of the real pan am girl. >> shirley mcmahan lived the life of a pan am stewardes in 1955. >> while the show looked glamorous, shirleyly sets us straight. >> i want to see the world. >> i'll become a pan am stewards. >> i always wanted to be one. i don't know where it came from. i went to ohio state two years, and i waited until i was 21 and then i applied to pan am. >> at the time, there were not many career options that fit her needs. >> there was only nursing or teaching, neither of which i wanted. >> what shirley wanted was to friday overseas. because she spoke spanish she influence to latin-american countries. she got a big kick out of watching a pan am promo. >> are you wearing your girdle? >> yes, ma'am. >> is t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2